Review: Walnut Grove

We dined at Walnut Grove this past weekend
The food sure was a winner, great portion sizes and real tasty too. From the wraps to sharing salads, everything was on par with any good cafe. (No coincidence) The chicken salad and cocktails were especially good, we would walk back to Walnut Grove for another one of those bad boys.

We were disappointed by the service. We would ask our waiter about signature dishes, and all he could say was that everything on the menu is good. That is not the end of the world, but what annoyed us was, when we asked him to make sure about the sizes of the cocktails, he gave us wrong information and he couldn’t be bothered about it, very unprofessional.
So the atmosphere had us on a 50/50. On the one side, it is a very elegant and posh setting, perfect for a relaxing and delicious meal. On the other side, it is right above the Sandton City food court, so you have hundreds of people on the move, smells from different fast food restaurants, and so many noisy people.


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