Entrances to Kruger Park

Malelane Gate to Kruger Park is on the southern border of the game reserve. It’s the closest park entrance gate from Johannesburg and a stone’s throw from Malelane Rest Camp.

Malelane Gate to Kruger ParkMalelane camp is 5km (3.1 miles) away from the entrance gate and it takes 10 minutes to get there.

To enter the park via Malelane Gate you will need to pass through the town of Malelane just 3km (1.9 miles) away.

The town is only small and the Malelane Gate to Kruger National Park is well sign posted.

There is a Pick’n’Pay supermarket in the town, so if you need to stock up, this is the last place to do so before entering the park via Malelane Gate. If you need to top up your groceries while you’re inside the park, many of the rest camps have shops where you can do so, but their range is much smaller than a supermarket’s.

Malelane Gate is the closest gate to Nelspruit, being only 66km (41 miles) away. Nelspruit is home to the Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport and is also on the way to the park from Johannesburg.

Nelspruit is 345km (214 miles) from Johannesburg. The whole trip from Johannesburg to Malelane Gate takes about 4.5 hours to travel by car and the total distance is 406kms.

The gate is a good choice for entering the park and is the closest gate to a few 5 star  rest camps

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  1. Malelane is so hot you could probably boil an egg on your car! 🙂 The drive to Malelane Gate is one of the more scenic and beautiful drives to enter Kruger!


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